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A store using Paypal IPN for automated claiming, and a nice cart system.

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A store written in a custom PHP framework, that utilizes a cart system and the PayPal IPN for automated claiming. It has a full dashboard where you can view statistics, payment history, manage your products, and more.

As always, there are no hidden usage fees or subscriptions you need to buy to use this. Buy once and it's yours to use for any amount of time without restrictions (within our terms of service)


  • Full dashboard for viewing statistics, managing products, payment history, etc.
  • Allows an unlimited number of categories for sorting your products
  • Allows an unlimited number of items, no restrictions
  • Ability to limit the number of items a user can have of a specific item in the cart.
  • Discounts codes with expiration dates for running them juicy promos.



  • PHP 7.2+ (See cpanel option "Select PHP Version")
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • Apache web server with mod rewrite installed and enabled
  • Most shared hosting providers use apache based webservers. if you're unsure contact your webhost.
  • If you're on Nginx, you'll need to write a rule via nginx config that matches the htaccess
  • Php cURL extension
  • Required or the IPN to work properly
  • To enable curl, find Select PHP Version in your cPanel and see if it's enabled.
  • If cUrl is not present, probably means it doesn't exist. Contact hosting provider to be sure.


UPDATE 6/24/20

  • Removed IPB integration for admincp
  • Replaced login system
  • Added page to view and manage sessions
  • Fixed capitalization on a file name that caused an error
  • Removed old query builder
  • Implemented Eloquent ORM (which inherently required models to be rewritten)

This being the final version of the store does not mean this will not receive updates. If there's any major issues or changes that need to be made, then this will get an update.

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