IPS Bridge

A bridge to connect your IPS forum with your website!

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Disclaimer: This is for developers. Meaning you are to setup this yourself. Help will not be provided unless it's absolutely not functioning.

Compatible versions: 4.3.x, 4.4.x

A php library for integrating your website with your forum. Supports topics, posts, logging in, and logging out, and getting various member information.

Requires at least PHP version 5.6. No other libraries required.

To make use of this library, first define your forum path:

// Change to your forum directory, include the trailing slash
define("FORUM_PATH", "../forum/");

Then include the api, and create a variable with the InvisionAPI instance:

require_once '../src/InvisionAPI.php';
$api = InvisionAPI::getInstance();

You can now use the API!

$api->login("username", "password") 

Then to logout


Member Information

Easy to get member information...

just create a new variable like so:

$member   = $api->getCachedMember();
$username = $member->name;
$group_id = $member->member_group_id;

If you want to know what you can pull, just refer to your forum database, and look in the core_members table. You should be able to reference each column by their name.

Also don't forget to check if they're logged in!

$isGuest = $api->isGuest($member);

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