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This is a legacy item, which means only minimal support is provided.

Store v2

A store integrated with PayPal for selling your digital items.

A paypal cart system written in PHP. Users can buy multiple items at once using this system. Server code is provided Items can also be categorized into any number of categories. A purchase history page is also included so you can see who made a payment and when.

PayPal IPN included to make claiming items automatic. PHP cURL library is required for this feature to work properly. See 'Select PHP Version' in your cPanel to see if it's enabled.

Updates: July 17, 2017:

  • Completely recoded back-end.
  • Completely remastered CSS.
  • More secure using password hashing and improved sanitization.
  • Discounts have been fixed and work properly.
  • Design is now mobile friendly!
  • Added: Bar chart showing monthly income.
  • Removed: Admin sidebar for categories (moved to categories page).
  • Admin panel moved to it's own folder, resulting in a much cleaner file layout.

Changes compared to v1:

  • Revamed admin panel. easier to navigate and understand
  • Better IPN that validates the purchase instead of having the server do it. Results in cleaner server code
OG KingFox
May 11, 2018

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