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Vote 2.0

An advanced voting system built on a custom framework.

A very advanced voting system that was built from the ground up on a custom framework. Makes use of a few libraries to make this the single best voting system out there.

Includes a NEW installer script, visual setup guide, and server-side code for both 317 and 718. Your mileage may vary with the server-code and take slight editing. Support is provided for website only. 


  • Custom MVC Framework
  • Two-Factor Authentication for add-on users.
  • API system for use without Remote SQL or other integrations
  • Page routing with 404 error pages, and 401 errors
  • Anti-CSRF across all forms
  • Twig template engine
  • Significantly better reliability and security
  • Dark Mode (enabled by default). See app/constants.php to disable.
  • Clean dashboard with WAY more information
  • DataTables JS plugin for "dynamic" tables with searching, print, etc.


Disclaimer: Existing owners of the old vote system will not be upgraded. No exceptions. This is not an update to the old system but an entirely new one. 

OG KingFox
May 11, 2018

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